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A Social Conscious was inspired by my love of discovering and supporting  Australian small batch makers. There are so many Australian artisans creating beautiful heartfelt products that we never hear about. So combining this with another passion of mine, supporting makers with an ethical & sustainable focus, I created A Social Conscious.

We support and sell small batch Australian made & owned products so you too can discover the amazing people and stories behind the products.

Slow - quality ethical products take time to create and have a high labour cost. Purchasing from makers who lovingly create products is a chance to slow down and really take in everything the product is and what it has to offer. What’s the rush? Take the time to get to know the makers and their stories.

Journey - as you start reading the stories of the makers you will come to appreciate the effort it takes to produce a quality product, the hours of planning and thought that goes into every detail and the sacrifices made to create a heartfelt product (their dream).

As you embark on this journey you may start to question the choices you make and want to know more about where a product is made, who made it and was it made with heart.

Community - A Social Conscious is about like minded people, like yourself, coming together reading the stories of the makers and sharing thoughts, feelings and hopes on why consciously choosing small batch makers, makes the world a better place.

I welcome you to join our community where good people are doing good things.



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