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Meet Ellie from Wild Amber

Ellie from Wild Amber

"I've loved just being me and embracing that maybe I am different, and creative is good!! I feel free!! " - Ellie, Wild Amber

From the moment I discovered Wild Amber it was clear to see Ellie pours her heart into every one of her creations. The Wild Amber range of aromatic vegan bath salts are not only beautiful to look at, but also smell like you are having a treatment at a luxurious day spa. Seriously, who doesn't want a day spa in their home ... I know I do!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm Ellie, originally from England and came to Australia in 2016 initially when travelling. I did my 3 months farm work in 2017 to get a second year visa, then skip 3 years and now I'm a permanent resident and never want to leave!

Where are you based?

The Northern Beaches of Sydney. 


How did it all begin?

I've always been creative and crafty which has been a great distraction for my anxiety. When I got to Australia I started work straight away in the corporate world which was never truly me, but it paid the bills and visas and I stuck it out to get to each milestone.

Over these years, my anxiety and depression became so bad and at times crippling. It took me a long time to teach myself it's ok to have mental health issues and to respect the side effects and listen to my body. I knew I couldn't live a healthy fulfilling life feeling like this with anxiety controlling my future. In March 2019 I booked myself into a candle class purely for another hobby to fill my time, but quickly it turned into an obsession, and I realised when I'm making candles my anxiety disappears.

It took me almost a year to build confidence in myself that I could actually make candles as a business as I am creative not a businesswoman - then I thought of all the self-taught inspirational business women out there. And that's how Wild Amber began. 

What influences your work?

I wish we lived in a world 50 years ago where people still buy bread from their local handmade bakery and groceries from the fruit and veg store on the corner. There was no plastic, just paper bags, supporting family businesses whilst having human interaction and conversations!

My products are all natural and essentially inspired by nature, but I one day wish to have my own rustic chain of stores and re-create how it used to be.

People are going back to buying from small businesses and are more conscious than ever about what they are buying and is it ethical. We have a long way to go but I believe we can get there. 


Rose & Chamomile Bath Salts - Wild Amber

What do you love about what you do?

Being able to be creative. Working in a corporate world for so long limits how creative you can be, and you almost hide it to fit into the mould of corporate stereotypes so you don't get judged.

I've loved just being me and embracing that maybe I am different, and creative is good!! I feel free!! 

What is the most difficult part of what you do?

Blocking out opinions. At the start of setting up my own business, there were so many people saying how I should be doing things, what I was doing wrong and it made me feel horrendous. I'd dwell on everything, second guessing myself and doubting myself. Once I blocked out that noise I could focus on what I loved doing.

My goal was and is never to be a millionaire, my goal is to find an avenue where I can live without anxiety controlling my life. Every now and again I still get people chiming in, and I'm now able filter this information and just smile and push any negativity to the back of my mind. 

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