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Meet Elizabeth & Isobelle from Miss E Pottery

Elizabeth & Isobelle from Miss E Pottery 

"What began as a hobby has developed into a daily creative activity that we can both enjoy. Although the pandemic has been difficult for many Australian families, we are immensely grateful that in this small but beautiful way it has brought ours closer." - Miss E Pottery

For some 2020 will be remembered for the countless hours on the couch watching Netflix. For mother and daughter team, Elizabeth and Isobelle, 2020 is the year of reinvention and learning new skills.  Their beautiful ceramic creations are an inspiration for us all, to turn off the TV and embrace a new skill. You never know where it may take you. 

Tell us a bit about yourself?

We're a mother daughter duo creating beautiful handmade pottery that is inspired by native Australian flora. Miss E is a small batch hobby business, meaning we only make things in our spare time and usually in small quantities.

I (Elizabeth) am a school teacher and picked up hand building in my spare time. My daughter Isobelle has been painting and drawing since before she could talk.

Where are you based?

North side of Brisbane

How did it all begin?

I have been taking pottery classes since 2019, purely for fun. During the Covid 19 Lockdown of 2020 I began playing with clay again to fill in time at home.

My daughter Isobelle joined in and created an Instagram for me to share my creations with friends. To my surprise, the page received interest from people outside of our circle, so we did some basic self-branding and Miss E was born!


What influences your work?

Our work is mostly influenced by the colours, textures and prints of native Australian flora. We're lucky enough to live next to a state forest. We're surrounded by nature with luscious native flora growing not only in the forest but also in our own backyard. 

What do you love about what you do?

Being able to do it together! We've always been independently creative but this small hobby business has brought us a lot closer.


Miss E Pottery kiln stacked with handmade ceramics

What is the most difficult part of what you do?

Consistency. Trying to make matching sets of stackable plates and bowls is quite tricky.

Thank goodness for giant scone cutters!

How long does one of your pieces take to make?

Pottery is a time consuming activity and a labour of love. Pieces are made, left to dry, bisque fired for 3-4 days, painted and glazed then fired for 3-4 days again. The whole process can take up to 3 weeks.


Miss E Pottery handmade creation flower impression on clay

What Are Three Interesting Facts About You?

  • We love to travel and our home is filled with art from all over the world
  • Isobelle's favourite (and most requested) thing to draw is monstera leaves but she's actually scared of the fruit!
  • I love fishing and boating but get very sea sick.

What Are You Most Grateful For?

Each other, family and having such a fun, creative and rewarding activity to share.

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